Success Story

Written by our licensee

A month ago, I quit my 9-5 job to launch an auto detailing business.  After studying for

four years in finance, and working tirelessly to get good grades and internships, I ended

up getting a corporate job that paid me 55K a year.

However, just two months before relocating for the job, I found out about Andre’s story. He had grown Wings Mobile Detailing from nothing to a business that was generating over $150K in sales in just three years.

Once I realized Wings’ potential, I decided that the corporate world wasn’t for me. I was never going to be satisfied with a $55k salary for the rest of my life, while being in debt from school. Although I was set for a career in the corporate world due to my grades and good internships, I had bigger dreams. My goal has always been to create a life where I could be challenged to endure more, grow more, and have greater ownership over my life.

businessman drawing business concept on

Once I had made the decision to take apart in Wings’ tremendous growth and potential, I started planning everything around the idea of investing in the franchise. I chose to take the 8 to 5 job purposefully to raise the funds needed for the franchise. I was working Monday through Friday at my desk job and Detailing cars on the weekend. At first, I was only getting a handful of clients. Then, by the third month, My weekends were fully booked. In just three months I was able to book 6 cars a weekend, but what frustrated me the most was the fact that I was saying no to a lot of clients because I didn’t have the time for them. By the fourth month, I was saying no to more clients than I was able to book due to my 5 days-a-week job. What was surprising was that I was developing this client base without having a tremendous amount of time to market and grow the business. My client base had grown faster and bigger than both Andre and I had expected. 

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I decided to quit my job immediately and focused all of my efforts on growing Wings. It’s only a few months since I made that decision to quit my Job and to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. I have clients booked for all 7 days of the week now, and it’s growing bigger almost every week.

Now, I’m looking to make close to double of what I was making at my corporate position for this coming month.  Wings’ potential seems unlimited at this point. Both Andre and I are growing every week.

Is it hard? Absolutely. But, how many franchise opportunities almost guarantee a six figure income within the first few years and cost as little as Wings Mobile Detailing does?