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How are we amongst the top-rated Mobile Detailing Franchise in the industry?

The answer: lies in our robust training Academy.

In the world of automotive detailing, the question of whether licenses and certifications are necessary often sparks debate among professionals. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know before you get started operating your detailing business or franchise.


🤝 Certifications and Licenses: Are they Necessary?

Certification, while not a legal requirement, serves as a valuable credential that not only enhances your resume but also legitimizes your skills in the eyes of potential customers and employers. It provides a tangible proof of your expertise and dedication to the craft, setting you apart in a saturated market. If you are a business owner, it is crucial that you obtain a proper business license, however. At Wings Mobile Detailing we ensure that all of our detailers become certified before they get on the job site.


At Wings Mobile Detailing, we recognize the significance of certification, offering comprehensive training programs through our academy to ensure our detailers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. Our focus on certification not only minimizes risks for business owners but also ensures consistent quality and customer satisfaction. We have included a YouTube video letting you know more about our training videos that each of our detailers is tested on, and later trained in-person before completing the certification.


Increasing Business Opportunities, Expanding your Client List and Keeping your Team Intact:

Moreover, detailing certifications and licenses can open doors to exclusive opportunities, such as partnerships with renowned brands and recognition within the industry. Wings Mobile Detailing and it's franchise owners have worked with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, CarMax, International Auto Shows, and more, because of the quality associated with our company and the certifications our detailers possess. Wings' has even acquired a government contract entity status.

Top brands such as the ones just listed do not hand their cars over to be detailed by people who do not have the credentials to back up the services. Being a certified installer for certain products can instill confidence in customers and lead to increased business opportunities. Moreover, it also means that your detailers are more likely to stay with your company because they know everyone on the team is certified and there is less risk to their detailing reputation by working with a solid crew of detailers with a brand name to stand behind their work.

While some professionals may have acquired their skills through informal means, such as online resources, there's always room for improvement. Participating in detailing courses and training programs can help fill knowledge gaps and expand your skill set, ultimately enhancing the quality of service you provide. At Wings Mobile Detailing, our trainer Jon has been in the detailing industry for over 5 years and knows every last thing about the industry itself and passes all of this on to our trained detailers.


450+ 5-star reviews:

However, beyond certification, the cornerstone of success in the detailing business lies in providing exceptional service and building customer trust. Positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals can significantly impact your business's growth and reputation. At Wings Mobile Detailing, our track record of over 450 5-star reviews speaks volumes about the efficacy of our training and certification programs. We understand that quality detailers are the backbone of our business, and we prioritize their training to ensure top-notch service delivery.


While licenses and certifications may not be obligatory, they undeniably offer numerous advantages in terms of credibility, opportunities, and customer trust. Investing in training and certification not only benefits individual detailers but also contributes to raising industry standards as a whole. Remember, the pursuit of excellence should always remain a priority in this dynamic field.

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