Optimized website

A well optimized website is crucial for the entire success of your mobile detailing business franchise. The same can cost you thousands of dollars to build.

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Wings' secretary

Our plan comes with a full time secretary/ sales person to handle all the phone calls and schedule clients while you focus on the growth of your car detailing franchise and your team. 

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Mezalira Academy

Receive a free access to the Mezalira Academy. The most complete auto detailing business program will give you a blueprint with over 200+ video segments and detailing certification.

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Receive clients

Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise will also give you access to your own calendar app and provide you clients on a weekly basis. 

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Employee training access

Are you hiring employees or a helper? Now you will be able to give your employees access to our On-Demand, top of the line, detailing training videos. They will become true detailers like yourself!



"After I joined Wings, I have clients booked for all 7 days of the week now, and it’s growing bigger almost every week. Now, I’m looking to make close to double of what I was making before I was on my own" - Arsalan K.

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Mezalira Academy


Mezalira Academy is the only complete  auto detailing business blueprint course on the web today.

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Detailing Academy topics

✔️ Intro to Detailing

✔️ understand paint layers

✔️ Product knowledge

✔️ Detailing services.

✔️ Paint correction

✔️ Hire & train

✔️ Build & Equip your van

✔️ Custom build van

✔️ Equipment list

✔️ Interview

✔️ Using generator 

✔️ Track your fleet

✔️ Control gas spent

✔️ Much more

Log in and access your courses from any device at any time throughout your entrepreneurial journey!

⚫️ OnDemand videos

⚫️ Quizzes 

⚫️ PDF files

⚫️ Detailing Certification

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