Wings Mobile Detailing was founded by Andre Mezalira, a Brazilian immigrant born in 1994 who have always had the will to work hard in order to accomplish his goals. From the age of 9 years old, Andre had begun his entrepreneurial journey by going door-to-door in the busy streets of Brazil to sell ice cream cones, painted art frames, desserts among many other things.

Andre Mezalira
Founder and Owner

Now, with the immense door of opportunity this country has to offer, he is now taking full advantage of its economy, creating a brand that stands out as the top quality Mobile detailing company throughout the United States. In less than 3 years, Andre have been interviewed by a New York City radio station and participated in big events in order to improve his entrepreneurial skills in:  leadership, sales, and business practices. His goal now is to grow Wings Mobile Detailing to a nationwide brand while selecting the brightest group of motivated individuals to become part of this amazing team.

The Company:

Wings Mobile Detailing franchise was founded with a set goal of becoming the most recognized auto detailing franchise in the united states.  We are moving fast toward this goal. In only three years in business we’ve acquired over 433 5-star customer reviews, exceeding any other mobile detailing company while servicing thousands of people in multiple cities across the united states. In fact, our company is considered to be the top rated mobile detailing company in the east coas. Because we are structured and known as quality service providers, we are minimizing our competition while still maintaining a high profit margin with our competitive prices.

While many other mobile industries are filled with staff problems and clientele turnover, Wings Mobile Detailing have structured an extremely organized system by keeping loyal customers with an +80% return rate. This is not a typical self-employment franchise like many others, at Wings Mobile Detailing you will be pushing yourself to new heights and realize, in the first few months, that the potential to growing with this company is limitless towards wealth creation. Our technical training videos, expansion mindset, and free sales material created by multi millionaires will help you build a secure path towards success. All of this while being connected to the same group of franchisees around the US, acquiring business knowledge and ideas altogether.