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Wings Mobile Detailing has been servicing multiple locations for many years, while maintaining a high client retention rate. Our new mobile app made booking a detailing service even easier for our customers. We will provide all of our team members and business owners with access to fully integrated calendar systems and an automated method of communicating with all of our clients. 

Over the course of less than six years, we have grown from a single location with five detailing vans to multiple locations with more than 30 detailing vans. We have decided to offer a franchise opportunity as a result of the rapid growth and sophisticated clientele.

Thus, this is where it all began...

Andre Mezalira, a Brazilian immigrant from Brazil, started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of nine with door-to-door sales of ice cream cones, art frames, and desserts in the busy streets of Brazil. After moving to the U.S. at a young age, Andre made the most of all the opportunities this country has to offer and established Wings Mobile Detailing.

Meet Our Head Team

John N.

Operations Manager

Andre Mezalira


Mallory A.

Marketing Executive

Andre Mezalira
Wings Mobile Detailing manager
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