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It's Hard to Grow a Business: Can You Make It?

Updated: 2 days ago

It takes a great deal of hard work to make a business really work. Setting up and opening a business is the easy part, but many fall short of their dreams because they fail to realize the need for all of the dedication and determination that comes after the initial setup. In today’s blog, we’re going to offer some key advice on what it takes to make a new business work over time.

Wings Mobile Detailing team
Wings Mobile Detailing team

Achieving Growth

The biggest challenge for any small business owner is getting consistent year-on-year growth. As a mobile detailing franchise business owner, that means getting more clients, increasing your revenue, and getting more inquiries and referrals via your main communication channels. In the first year, you might explode onto the scene, immediately finding a dozen clients who love what you do. Their income helps set you up for success.

But then along comes your second year, and you’re struggling to grow that client list in any meaningful way. On top of that, you’re struggling to manage all the many tasks you need to do on top of keeping your dozen or so clients happy with your work. In reality, you need to hire help but you just don’t have enough revenue to do that yet. This is the point where some will give up, and those are the people who perhaps weren’t cut out to be entrepreneurs.

Not Giving Up: The Most Important Trait

The key talent that one needs as a detailer or other small business entrepreneur is the ability to keep going, stay positive, and never abandon sight of the path to achieving the grander vision. These entrepreneurs are driven by their passion, and this is the oxygen that keeps their fires burning inside.

The journey to consistent year-on-year growth is hard, and may well take up to 5 years (possibly even longer). Your determination and passion are therefore critical to making the business work. If you can remain positive about how even a year of modest growth has moved you closer to your ultimate goal, then you are more likely to make it in your chosen field.

Start a Business for the Right Reasons

Have you ever asked yourself why you want to start your own business? Is it because you feel driven by greater material desires? A larger house, a six-figure income, a sports car, luxury vacations in the Caribbean…more? There’s nothing wrong with these ambitions per se, but if they are the defining reasons that you want to become an entrepreneur, then we believe that you won’t succeed.

As we touched on further above, an entrepreneur must be fueled by passion, and not just a desire for more money or to be one’s own boss. Material rewards come at the end of a long and difficult journey, one that passion helps to keep on track. It’s your belief in what you’re doing, in your grander vision, that makes such a venture really worthwhile. It will also help you resist the temptation to give up and return to steady work as many do when they don’t get their material rewards in the short time they make their efforts.

Andre Mezalira shaking hands with a man
Andre Mezalira shaking hands with a man

More Important Things to Remember

Besides passion, determination and self-belief, there are some other more practical traits that successful entrepreneurs share. First of all, just about every successful person you’ve heard of is an avid reader. Spending time reading books about business, entrepreneurship, personal finance and more can really help inspire you and spur you on to keep your business journey going. If you’re not a big reader, you could also use this time to listen to podcasts and watch YouTube content on similar subjects.

It’s also important to remember that when being an entrepreneur, your business becomes your lifestyle. You must realistically and practically adapt to the fact that your business will take up a lot of your time and space, especially when you’re starting out and working alone. Learn to manage your time and dedicate all you need to your work.

Finally, remember not to get too taken in by how easy it has become to set up a business. Registering a business, opening bank accounts, setting up websites and social media accounts is all easier than ever, but keeping your business going will prove a much greater challenge.


As you may have already heard, short cuts don't exist. Well, at least that's what most people say, but I am here to tell you that by investing in a great Franchise business, you will find that perhaps short-cuts do exist.

By investing in a Franchise opportunity, like Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise, you will skip most of the hard challenges mentioned above. You will have a shorter path to your financial business success. In short, yes, a short cut.

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