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Learn the Value of Franchising With Wings Mobile Detailing

What runs through your mind when you see something like a mobile detailing franchise opportunity? Your initial plan might have been to start up your own car detailing business, and were skeptical of a detailing franchise model. We hope that today’s Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise blog will show you the real value of our franchise model.

We recently spoke with Seth, a 20-year entrepreneur who is now joining the Wings detailing franchise family. He has recently had a successful exit from one of his other business ventures, and was looking for a new challenge. Read on to see how his own entrepreneurial experience and love for cars led him to see the value of a car detailing franchise.

Wings mobile detailing franchise

The Value of a Car Detailing Franchise

What are the aspects of a detailing franchise that made an experienced entrepreneur like Seth choose it for his next venture?

1: Turning a Hobby into Profession

As is the case with many (but not all) new pro detailers, Seth has always loved cars, and has a foundational knowledge of how to wash cars well. Detailing, of course, is a big step up from a simple car wash, but it’s a fine thing to turn an interest or a hobby into a well-paid professional enterprise.

The franchise model assists in this transition by providing a clear framework for job training, getting clients and appointments on the calendar, and building a reputation and brand that people want to rehire over and over again.

2: Some Mobile Detailing Franchise Opportunities Are Just Better

A big driving force behind choosing Wings Mobile Detailing as the platform through which to franchise was the licensing model that Wings uses, rather than a traditional franchise model. The typical model tends to provide a franchisee with a list of restrictive and rigid instructions on how to operate and where. What’s more, the level of bureaucracy is also much greater in a normal franchise, as Seth has found in his exploration of the landscape up until now.

The Wings car detailing franchise model offers a short, simple and easy-to-understand agreement, as well as everything an entrepreneur needs to get started: equipment, training, assistance with van hire, getting new clients on the books and more. On top of that, however, entrepreneurs like Seth have the freedom to adapt the model to make it work in their individual territory. They can expand as they want, and are an active part of building the brand. In short, Wings wants entrepreneurs to join its family, not just regular franchisees.

3: Fast Growth, Low Overhead

Finally, an experienced entrepreneur like Seth instantly sees the value of a detailing franchise because it comes with the potential for rapid growth, while at the same time being fun to do --- especially if you love cars --- and with relatively low overhead. Partners get to see real results in a lucrative trade that is more in demand than ever before. They get the ultimate satisfaction that all entrepreneurs seek: the sensation of starting and growing a business, hiring and training new talent, and evolving from humble detailer to office-based franchise operator in a relatively short time.

wings mobile detailing franchise

Escape the Cookie-Cutter Franchise Model

Our mobile detailing franchise opportunity offers the kind of flexibility and scope for growth that real entrepreneurs dream of. It is a world away from the cookie-cutter world of typical franchises with their endless and unyielding rule books. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the Wings car detailing franchise model and how you can join Seth and many others in a new business journey.

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