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Starting Out As a Detailer? What to Focus on First

So, you’ve decided to become a professional detailer. Congratulations on your choice, but we know now that there must be a thousand or more things running through your head. Starting any kind of business is exciting, but here at Wings our experience tells us that for detailers it can be especially exhilarating.

After finding your first few clients, who then perhaps refer you to more customers shortly down the line, your mind is awash with all kinds of ideas on how you’re going to expand your business, hire help, build a cool website and social media presence, create subscriptions, special offers, and other marketing content…the list goes on.

But can you really manage all of this so easily by yourself? If not, where should one focus one’s efforts? Where should one prioritize? We’ll try to answer these questions and more below.

First Priority: The Top Line

When starting any business, including detailing, the first priority has to be maximizing the top line. This refers mostly to generating more and more revenue, and providing a service that customers keep coming back for wanting more. This might sound a bit grasping and material for some, who would rather focus on their grander vision. Your vision and your passion are important elements for keeping you motivated and dedicated to your business, but the early years of a company depend entirely on generating enough income to get off the ground and survive.

So, in your first few years, your first priority is that top line. Focus on the quality of your service, delivering fantastic results that your customers will gush over, perhaps even photographing to share on their personal social media. This leads to recommendations and referrals that in turn bring you more business, and more revenue. You need to store up this revenue so that you can ultimately reinvest it back into your business to fuel growth.

Of course, there is always a way to get to the step of growth faster. If you are already well off financially, then waiting on this time is just a waste. Finding a reputable Mobile Detailing Franchise would be the fastest way to achieve growth. Otherwise, I would suggest continuing reading this blog.

Handling the Confusion

Even the most seemingly cool, calm and collected entrepreneurs will admit that the initial flurry of getting a business off the ground is a huge nest of confusion. When should one start dedicating more time to marketing and social media? When is the right time to delegate certain tasks to professionals? Sometimes, the eagerness to solve these problems can lead to mistakes.

It’s right that all of the above-mentioned tasks and factors are important and useful to the success of your business. It’s just a question of timing it right so that you have enough time to first generate the revenue you need to make all the rest of the stuff happen. If you let marketing distract you from doing a good job or providing a premium service, for instance, then you’re going to weaken the top line, and ultimately jeopardize the bottom line.

With a premium service that is acknowledged and appreciated by your customers, and a healthy revenue stream coming in, you can then look at other matters. With your growing revenue, you can:

  • Hire professionals to manage your social media and create inspiring and impressive content for platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

  • Invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) system that will help you manage a growing client base, keeping them happy and ensuring you don’t miss repeat business or other appointments.

  • Build a blog or website that helps add visibility and, more importantly, authority to your business as a local service provider. Authority is what helps new customers choose you over your competitors.

  • …among other things…

The Bottom Line

Everything you do to initially boost your revenue and reputation ultimately feeds your bottom line and helps you realize your vision. Detailers and other entrepreneurs who are interested in business should check out our regular podcast, as well as the growing body of content on our YouTube platform. Get in touch with us today to learn more on how you can invest in a mobile detailing Franchise business.

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