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4 Steps to starting your own business

Setting up a New Business

Many of us have ideas in our head about starting our own business. We dream of independence, wealth and the phenomenal sense of accomplishment that comes with succeeding in building a brand-new enterprise from the ground up. After the flood of positivity, however, often comes what we think is a reality check. A second flood of doubt washes over us and we start to think that it just won’t work --- too much cost, too much work, too many obstacles and too much risk involved. Does that sound familiar?

In the latest Wings Mobile Detailing podcast, we discussed how that while there is certainly a lot of work to be done, many of the obstacles might be an illusion in your mind. Below we’ll summarize some simple advice that hopefully will inspire you to take that plunge and discover financial freedom and professional satisfaction on the other side. If you have any questions at the end of this quick blog, give me a call at anytime. (804.250.1028)

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Stage 1 --- Start at your “Powerbase”

One of the first concerns that might be plaguing your mind is where you are going to get clients from? Are you just going to walk into a corporate client’s office, pitch them something and win the million-dollar contract? No! You have to think realistically and start at your “powerbase” which is typically made up of friends, family and others in your immediate circle. Start by finding just one member of your powerbase and make them your first client.

Let’s say you’re doing something simple like washing cars or mowing lawns, then get your first client and then make a point of photographing and videoing the whole process. You could even do the first one for free just for the opportunity to create great media content that you can use for the second stage. You can create before/after shots, mini “how to” videos, or other tips and tricks you know. Share your know-how!

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Stage 2 --- Build a free online presence

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter --- you know the list. All of these offer some function to set up a free business page and you should take advantage of these free services to get you name out there. You won’t get instant results from these platforms, but if you create content and share as much as possible, then you will steadily gain and grow attention on your business. Start with that first client from your powerbase – share the photos and use the material to promote your name and quality.

When you create your online presence, don’t worry about all the small details like having a fancy logo or a catchy company name. You first just need these pages built up and ready to use. The content will attract views, not the logo. Each post you send has the potential to attract a new client to make an inquiry. Even if you want to enter the “Paid” social media arena, some features, like an ad on Craigslist for example, can cost as little as $5. In other words, if you sacrifice one cup of coffee a week, you’ll have enough for weekly ads on Craigslist.

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Stage 3 --- Get a website

Once the free social media is done and your name is everywhere, you do need to build up your own online base as well. This can be worrying for many budding entrepreneurs; worrying in two ways: financial and technical. You’re worried it will cost you thousands of dollars or require some kind of specialist programming knowledge, right? Well, in fact, thanks to numerous great platforms currently available, building an attractive and functional website is as easy as following a quick step-by-step automatic setup. Sign up on a web building platform (like Wix, for example), choose from their site types and templates and away you go!

As with the social media, the website initially just needs to be functional; complete it with your name, what service you’re offering, the price and then some contact info. All of this can be done either free or with minimal cost. A subscription to a service like Wix, for instance, might cost something like $100 for a whole year. You can make that from your powerbase clients and get your name and message to more people.

More on Steps 1-3

All the stuff you’ve read in Steps 1-3 can be done in a day or two if you just put your mind to it. Day 1, get a client from your powerbase, do the job and get the materials. If you get paid as well, then it’s a bonus. From that first client, try to get referred to a few more, all the while building and posting to your online social media presence and website. You won’t get rich just doing this, but you’ll get enough money to then move it up to a more serious and professional level.

Stage 4 --- Getting licensed and insured

If you want to scale your business, you’ll need to make your company more official. The bureaucracy can scare a lot of people away from starting their own business, but it might not be as troublesome as you think. Remember that in this day and age, all your answers are just a Google away. A quick search can reveal where you have to go or who you have to call to get started on the paperwork, and once again you can get the process up and running within a few days.

It also won’t cost as much as you imagine. Let’s say you’re doing auto detailing, and you want to get some insurance. You’re looking at a monthly premium of between $30 to $60 on average. That’s hardly breaking the bank. Once you get past these hurdles, you’re ready to take your whole business up to new heights.


So, in summary…

Patience is a virtue when it comes to setting up your own business. Whatever sector you’re getting into, the principles remain true.

  • Start from your powerbase and grow the client list from there.

  • Build a social media presence.

  • Get a website

  • Look into licenses and insurance as required

In the end, you just need to be bold and put yourself out there. You’ll have to deal with a lot of rejection at first, that’s for certain. It’s all part of the rough and tumble of business. Stay the course and stick to your guns and you will start to see results. Those who don’t are those who give up too early or don’t keep up the basic everyday work like posting to their social media, keeping a blog, or just rolling up their sleeves to go to a potential client’s office to pitch your services.

You only get out of a business what you put into it.

Share your experiences with us and tell us if these basic steps work out for you in your entrepreneurial adventure. For Franchise opportunity, visit our HOME PAGE, and open your lucrative Wings Mobile Detailing business in your city.

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