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Attract New Customers Using These Five Simple Tips

Updated: 2 days ago

Attracting new customers is often a shortfall for new businesses. How do you reach out and build upon your initial customer base? This process doesn’t have to be difficult and there is a range of simple things you can do to help. We have listed them below for your benefit!

1. Improve the basic SEO of your website

SEO is vital for search engine rankings. Conversely, high search engine rankings are an effective way to attract new customers. There are many simple things you can do to boost the basic SEO of your website.

For example, you can include META title and description tags on each web page that also contain your primary keyword. Also, you can include keywords in image alt tags, and make sure that your written content has an excellent level of readability. These things should all help boost your visibility on Google.

2. Offer discounts and/or rewards in return for positive actions

Customers love discounts and rewards! Oftentimes, however, businesses implement discounts and rewards without having some benefit for the business too. Offering discounts is an excellent way to attract new customers. However, you can also make this to your advantage by asking for something from them in return.

For example, you could give a 5% discount to social media customers, but only on the proviso that they like your Facebook page, and like and share the post with a set number of other people! This will attract new customers, but it will also help boost your social media presence.

3. Use live marketing via social media platforms

Live marketing is currently trending and is an engaging way to attract new customers.

Hands holding a cellphone
Hands holding a cellphone

Many businesses now utilize the live features of different social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. You can go live and have Q&A sessions with your customers, for example.

Also, you could play games with them or have live giveaways that new customers would love. Live content and video content helps boost engagement and customers love the feeling of being involved too.

4. Consider using a referral scheme

Referral schemes are a tried and tested method of attracting new customers. This is because three different groups of people benefit from them. Firstly, the referrer benefits because they usually get some type of discount. Secondly, the person being referred usually benefits from an introductory offer. Lastly, your business will benefit from new customers, and more business from the existing referers.

The referral scheme should offer some type of benefit to both the referrer, and the new customer. You should also use different methods like your website and social media to promote it.

5. Make use of attractive branding elements

Finally, branding is a great way to attract new customers. If you can create an eye-catching or memorable brand that stands out, you should be able to easily attract new customers.

There are some amazing tools available like Logo Creator and Canva that can be used to create professional branding elements. These should include things like a logo, headers, banners, and color schemes to be used in your marketing.

New customers are the foundation of your business - start attracting them today!

Building upon your initial customer base is vital for the success of a new business. While a customer base of friends and family may initially work, you cannot rely on these groups forever. As a result, you must be willing to branch out, build your marketing, and use the above tips to try and tap into a larger customer base! This will help ensure the longevity of your business going forward.


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