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Can I find great employees? start by taking responsibility - become a leader

It’s a sadly common affliction among entrepreneurs to turn every small problem and major crisis into someone else’s fault --- unscrupulous competitors, the economy, the government, our own lack of resources or opportunities…

It’s easy to play the victim when you’re struggling to get your business or franchise off the ground, and even when you’ve done that and are now looking to grow the enterprise past that stage into something bigger and better.

Many business and franchise owners fall down at the key hurdle of when it comes time to hire people and turn a one-man band into a thriving team. When they do, it becomes easy once again to point the finger at those new employees as the reason things didn’t work out, but the fact never changes: the buck stops with you!

Building a Team Means Stepping Up

Here is a quick and simple video example of a young business owner conducting a team meeting - VIDEO LINK

Andre Mezalira is the leader of a Mobile Detailing business, the top in its industry.

Regardless of what factors are impacting you and your business, you should treat every challenge as a matter of personal responsibility, and that includes the trials and tribulations that come with building a great team. Why? Beca

use when you step up and take responsibility for the things that are going wrong, you have control over how to solve them. When they’re someone else’s fault, you allow yourself to remain powerless.

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It is time to cut out all the excuses, roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Excuses are just too easy. If you take the time to reflect from a position of responsibility, then all the most common excuses can be dismissed:

Excuse: I can’t find skilled workers for my specialist industry/work

Of course, how could you be responsible for a general lack of skills among your local population? You didn’t set the education priorities or make people’s choices for them, after all. Running your franchise and getting a team together, however, is your responsibility, so you have to find a way to make it happen. If the people don’t have the skills, then it becomes your solemn task to give them those skills.

This means building training programs and systems that can train an initial group of staff members, who can then go on to each train another group of the same size. It takes a lot of work, but the rewards speak for themselv

es. Jeff Bezos suggested to President Trump to make coding mandatory in high schools. Such a move would help his own recruitment easier, but of course a man like Bezos can’t sit around waiting for the government to achieve that. Thus, he set out himself to create a system to train up his recruits to be the kind of people he needs.

Excuse: I can’t afford the resources to train others

Yes, it takes a lot of investment to train and properly prepare people to do their job properly, and that’s a struggle when you’re looking to initially expand and money is tight. It just means that at the first stage of development and training, you have to do the legwork yourself to save on money and precious resources. Your personal sweat investment early on will transfer into cash budgets you can use later to maintain that momentum.

No One Said It Would Be Easy

It’s the reality of the business world that you make a stark choice. If you want a business to grow and make big money, then you have to choose to take that leap and expand, or choose to sink back to nothing. The only alternative is to run a company as a personal lifestyle business.

To finish, let me offer you all a few additional tips when it comes to the critical step of building up a team:

1) Build your knowledge base. Read as much as you can on the topics of business and leadership to get inspired and get ideas on how better to run your own company and be an inspiring leader.

2) Don’t expect the world. Recruitment, training and team-building takes time. Wings Mobile Detailing may get 60 applicants for any job ad posted, but only about 5 of those will ever pass muster and actually step up. It’s a hard process.

3) Don’t give up. Falling into the trap of negative thinking is all too easy. You have to get into the weeds, get your hands dirty and really work at staying positive if you want to become more than just a boss, and instead become a great company leader.

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