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Day to Day at Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise: An Employee Development Story

Updated: 2 days ago

What is like working day to day in a Wings Mobile Detailing franchise? In a recent podcast, we spoke with a long-term Wings employee, John, who has been working in the company for more than 5 years. Prospective employees and Wings car detailing franchise owners can learn a lot from his story within the company? We’ve summarized the main points covered in the conversation below, so read on to learn more.

From “Not a Car Guy” to Car Detailing Expert --- John’s Story

Day to Day at Wings Mobile Detailing

In conversation, John admits that he was never a real “car guy” before he started working at a car detailing franchise. After his more than 5 years at Wings, however, he recalls a positive journey of growth and great experiences. Described within the company as one of the “OCD Detailers,” John found his attention to detail became an instrumental (and lucrative) skill when it came to car detailing. Having worked his way up as a detailer in the company, John mostly now focuses on taking client calls, arranging the calendar, and occasionally helping out with ceramic coating jobs.

Wings Mobile Detailing :The Perks of Being a Detailer

Detailers like John are often very positive about the many advantages of doing this kind of work. Working outdoors in the fresh air brings a tremendous sense of relaxation and peace, according to him. It’s also nice to change one’s environment moving from job to job, and even now he retains that freedom as he works mostly remotely taking client calls and managing the calendar.

There are always difficulties and challenges to overcome, of course, but being a detailer in a detailing franchise like Wings allows one to use these as an engine for personal and professional growth. This is certainly what John and many others have found.

Transition from Humble Detailer to More Diverse Roles

As with many members of the Wings team, John started out detailing cars and getting to know the technical side of the business. Using the knowledge he gained from that, he found he could add value to the operation by speaking to new and existing customers on the phone about their needs, and finding suitable times to dispatch trained detailing experts to those locations to meet those needs.

According to John, each aspect of detailing work tends to feed into positive energy that invigorates him to do more and more constructive things with his time. He might spend a morning working on a ceramic coating job, for instance, before coming home to fulfill his customer service role. The enjoyable morning spent working on cars energizes him to offer his most positive and supportive self.

An Engine for Growth directly from our HeadQuarters

This kind of mobile detailing franchise opportunity has served as a fantastic engine for growth for people like John, as well as many others.

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The productive work ethic that the Wings brand promotes inspires its team members to use their energy to generate tasks for themselves; to keep themselves motivated and moving forward.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking for a platform on which you can develop all your most positive traits, then consider getting in touch with us to learn more about car detailing franchise opportunities with Wings Mobile Detailing.

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