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Soaring to Success: A Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise Opportunity at the Hampton Roads Auto Show

Are you passionate about automobiles and the art of detailing? Imagine owning a business that not only indulges your love for cars but also provides a lucrative opportunity to showcase your skills. Welcome to Wings Mobile Detailing, where we redefine automotive detailing and present an exciting franchise opportunity for enthusiasts like you.


The Event:

Wings Mobile Detailing, the best Mobile Detailing franchise opportunity worked at the Hampton Roads International Auto Show in 2024

We were so excited to have been asked to detail at the Hampton Roads Auto Show this year. For those of you who are not familiar, the Hampton Roads Auto Show, is a platform for groundbreaking automotive technology and cutting-edge designs. Detailing a fleet of 30 vehicles before the show, our team showcased its dedication to excellence and delivered outstanding results.


Detailing Franchise for Auto Shows:

At Wings Mobile Detailing, we take pride in our waterless detailing techniques we use at auto shows, ensuring a spotless exterior, tires, and interiors. Even with display cars that don't require extensive cleaning, our Virginia Beach crew employs innovative methods to maintain the vehicles' pristine condition. Check out our detailed videos on waterless detailing and tire care.


Business Opportunity:

The Hampton Roads Auto Show experience exemplifies one of the many ways franchise owners can generate income and establish connections with other detailers. As a Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owner, you have the chance to participate in various auto shows and trade fairs across the U.S., tapping into a market where over 11 million consumers attend annually, with 68 percent planning a new-vehicle purchase within a year, which can turn into more clients down the road. Check out our video with some of the behind the scenes of our time there!

Wings Mobile Detailing, the best Mobile Detailing franchise mobile van

Our Franchise:

On-site Detailing: 

Bring your services directly to customers. Especially for event like auto shows, being mobile makes our company a more desirable option than traditional brick-and-mortars.

Professional Training: Benefit from our expertise and enhance your skills.

Digital Marketing: Leverage our marketing strategies to grow your business.

Booking and Scheduling app: Customers utilize our Wings Mobile Detailing app to book services, and we then add your bookings to your franchise and detailing crew's online booking calendar.

*Your Role as a Franchise Owner:

Building Top-Notch Team: Assemble a skilled team dedicated to excellence.

Growing Your Craft & Client List: Continuously improve and expand your clientele.


Wings Mobile Detailing, the best Mobile Detailing franchise opportunity worked at the Hampton Roads International Auto Show in 2024

🚐 Make 2024 Your Year

With hundreds of auto trade fairs and numerous car shows in the U.S., joining Wings Mobile Detailing means stepping into a world of opportunities. If you're passionate about auto detailing and ready to make 2024 your year, invest in your future by becoming a part of the Wings Mobile Detailing franchise family. Join us, start your own business, or expand your existing one, and make a fulfilling investment in your future career. Become a franchise owner, and let your detailing skills take flight!

-Wings Mobile Detailing

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