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Wings Mobile Detailing: Empowering Veterans Through Franchise Entrepreneurship with VetFran Partnership

Embarking on the journey of entrepreneurship can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, especially for veterans seeking to transition into civilian life. Wings Mobile Detailing, in collaboration with VetFran, is paving the way for veterans to become franchise owners and experience the benefits of small business ownership. In this blog, we will explore what VetFran is, its mission, and how Wings Mobile Detailing, through its partnership, is providing unique opportunities for veterans like our Detroit franchise owner, Eliud.


Wings Mobile Detailing the best mobile detailing company has partnered with VetFran to help veterans become franchise owners


A Bridge to Entrepreneurship for Veterans, VetFran,

founded in 1991 serves as a strategic initiative of the

International Franchise Association.

Firstly, VetFran aims to...

VetFran aims to educate both veterans and franchisors about the ideal match between the skills of entrepreneurial veterans and the opportunities in franchising. Research has consistently shown that veterans make excellent franchisees, making franchising a gateway to small business ownership. If you want to learn more about the business's they have partnered with me sure to check out this Youtube video from Hiring America.

Secondly, VetFran facilitates the...


Wings Mobile Detailing & VetFran: Mobile Detailing Franchise Opportunity for Veterans

Wings Mobile Detailing has embraced the VetFran initiative, offering financial incentives, education, and support to veterans interested in franchise ownership. Eliud, the franchise owner in Detroit, shares his perspective on how this partnership has been instrumental in his entrepreneurial journey in our podcast The Detailing Business. 🎙️

Eliud, the proud owner of Wings Mobile Detailing in Detroit, emphasizes the significance of aligning his veteran identity with business ownership. Choosing Wings through VetFran has enabled Eliud to operate not just in one location but given him the ability to expand his services across multiple areas, eventually envisioning growth throughout the entire state.

The Wings Mobile Detailing operation manual provided Eliud with a roadmap for success. Even before the grand opening, Eliud experienced a high demand for services, showcasing the strength of the franchise model. The franchise's mobile app streamlines the appointment-setting process, making it efficient for both clients and technicians. Eliud expresses the excitement of having a well-structured system in place, from franchise owners to employees, ensuring smooth business operations and facilitating growth.


Wings Mobile Detailing's collaboration with VetFran is more than just a business partnership; it's a commitment to empowering veterans on their entrepreneurial journey. The success story of Eliud in Detroit serves as a testament to the opportunities available through this unique alliance. For veterans aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship, Wings Mobile Detailing, backed by VetFran, offers a proven pathway to success and prosperity.

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Wings Mobile Detailing

Wings Mobile Detailing the best mobile detailing company's van


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