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My Marketing “Plan” Walkthrough

Have you ever looked at other small businesses around you and wondered how they seem to have garnered hundreds of thousands of social media followers? It’s easy to look at others and think that you’re missing out on some kind of impossible secret when it comes to marketing and growing your business. In this blog, I want to take you through some of my own tips and strategies to help you build a growth plan that will work for your business.

Use a Variety of Means

We all know there are multiple platforms we can use freely, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, not to mention your own blog, YouTube, and more. When you want to achieve organic growth, you need to maintain a constant and frequent stream of content creation onto those platforms. Even if you engage with some platforms more than others, that’s totally fine, but you should try to create as much of an online presence as you can.

Quantity and Frequency are King (but Quality Matters)

Make a plan, one that you know you can stick to, and then follow it rigidly. Quantity and frequency will ultimately lead to your content being seen by more people. However, don’t take this as permission to post poor-quality stuff! Quality does matter, so content needs to be interesting, have value, and be engaging enough for people to stop and look.

BUT HOW DO WE DO IT: Though we are not a marketing company, but still, we have grown our Detailing business Franchise thanks to our marketing skills. So, Would you like to know how we plan our instagram account?

Don’t Buy Followers

It’s tempting to spend small amounts of money to online freelancers and other sellers who are offering you potentially thousands of followers or likes on your channel in an instant. The numbers of followers do materialize, but the real benefits do not.

Many are “zombie” followers, who just drop away day by day, and who don’t interact genuinely with your content. This means they don’t like, comment, or share. Real engagement and interaction is key to developing those platforms.

Learn the Steps of Customer Engagement

When you are aware of the basic stages of the process in which customers find products and services, you can know better how to leverage your social media resources. The 3 basic steps are:

  • Step 1: Gaining awareness of a product or service’s existence

  • Step 2: Becoming educated on a product or service

  • Step 3: Connecting with a solution, IE: looking to buy that product or service

For step 1, you need Facebook and Instagram. These are great ways to reach huge numbers, even sometimes using paid ads, and make people aware that a service such as yours is a thing.

For step 2, you need YouTube or a similar platform where you can show explainer videos on how to install a product, or how a service helps you achieve something.

Finally, for step 3, they realize they need this service, and you’ll hope after your exposure and presence online, they’ll opt to choose your service since it’ll be prominently held in their mind.

Procrastination is the Enemy; Persistence is Your Ally

Those who put off the work of marketing for another day are those who always achieve the least. Success in marketing your business is determined by how much you do when you don’t feel like doing it. That’s a critical lesson when you’re trying to grow your business. Those who remain engaged and busy even when they don’t feel like it are those who get results.

You also can’t get overly distracted by your competition. Some see what their rivals are doing and feel like it’s pointless to keep creating content. To them, it feels like a waste of time. Your persistence will be your greatest asset when it comes to marketing, because it always takes time. Keep creating your content; keep generating comments, likes, shares and whatnot, and over time you will see growth.

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