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Transform Your Future: A Day in the Life of a Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise Owner

Updated: 2 days ago

Welcome to the Wings Mobile Detailing blog! If you love all things car detailing, and you've ever imagined owning your own business and being in control of your future, this is the place for you. Today, we're giving you a sneak peek into the world of Wings Mobile Detailing, showcasing what your life could look like as a proud franchise owner.


The Wings Mobile Detailing Experience:

  1. Your Mobile Workshop on Wheels: Picture this: a customized work van with everything you need for a day of mobile detailing excellence. From a water tank and generator to a propane setup for winter, we've got you covered. Our vans are equipped with the latest tools, including pressure hoses for car washing and high-quality chemicals for that perfect finish.

  2. A Glimpse into Your Daily Routine: Experience the freedom of working outdoors in a quiet and laid-back environment. As a Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owner, you'll be part of a 1-2 person crew, providing top-notch services wherever your customers need them. Plug into your work, see your labor pay off, and revel in the satisfaction of transforming a car right in front of your eyes.

  3. Unleash Your Imagination: Envision the possibilities as you explore what your work van could look like. From the water pump humming to life to the buffers creating a showroom shine, let your imagination run wild. What would you do with a setup like that? The possibilities are endless.

Why Wings Mobile Detailing?

  1. Low Startup Costs: Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses, Wings Mobile Detailing requires less startup money. Take advantage of this affordable opportunity to step into the world of entrepreneurship.

  2. Convenience at Your Customers' Doorstep: Join the mobile business revolution and bring convenience directly to your customers. Whether it's their home, workplace, or any other location, you're there to provide top-notch service. This is especially nice for customers who are seeking specialty services such as boat or RV detailing.

  3. Quality Training and Ongoing Support: We don't just leave you with a van and some tools; we invest in your success. Benefit from comprehensive online setup, and let John, our #GOAT trainer, ensure you and your crew are trained to deliver professional services, including high-end offerings like ceramic coating.

  4. Elevate Your Future: With Wings Mobile Detailing, the sky's the limit. What can you make out of this opportunity? Join us on this journey, and let's soar together.

John, our detailing trainer:


Are you ready to take the next step towards becoming a Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owner? Imagine the possibilities, and let's turn your dreams into reality!


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