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Winter Detailing Guide for Wings Mobile Detailing Franchise Owners, 2nd Edition.

Updated: 2 days ago

Welcome to another Wings Mobile Detailing blog post. In this second edition of our guide for Winter Detailing we are going to go into more of the tricks of the trade in below freezing temperatures! Winter detailing may seem challenging, but fear not – we have the methods to not only keep your business steady during the colder months but also ensure your products are stored safely. In this blog post, we'll delve into the unique challenges of winter detailing and share the tricks we use to overcome them, especially in our coldest location currently, Detroit, Michigan.


❄️ The Winter Detailer's Challenge:

Detailing in winter doesn't mean a lack of clients. People still want their cars cleaned, especially after snowstorms when road salt poses a threat to their vehicle's appearance and integrity. We'll explore why winter detailing is beneficial and how to adapt your services for colder climates.


🚐 Equipment Concerns in Winter Detailing:

The primary concern in winter detailing is not the lack of clients but rather the risk of freezing equipment. Spray bottles, gallon-sized products, pressure washers, and steamers all need protection from freezing temperatures. To address this, Wings Mobile Detailing recommends using a Mr Buddy heater inside the van overnight, ensuring that equipment stays above freezing.


🧼 Waterless and Rinse-less Detailing Methods:

Detailing in freezing temperatures poses a challenge when using water-based methods. For exterior detailing, a bucket heater can warm the water, making it possible to wash cars even in colder conditions. Alternatively, embrace the rinse-less method – a solution to wash cars without using power water. This method utilizes a cleaning liquid and the correct microfiber towels.


🚙 Interior Detailing in Cold Weather:

Interior detailing brings its own set of challenges in winter. Shampooing seats and steam cleaning hard surfaces can be hindered by freezing temperatures. To overcome this, leave the car's heater on while detailing the interior. Once the interior is done, turn off the car for exterior detailing. Additionally, wearing thick gloves and warm clothing is crucial for comfort and efficiency.


🎙️ Want to learn more about winter detailing, or car detailing in general? Check out our Detailing Business podcast on Spotify! Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owner, Andre, goes into every aspect of the auto-detailing business! New episodes are out every month. 📅


Detailing in the winter doesn't have to be daunting. With the right preparations, equipment protection, and innovative detailing methods, Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owners can keep their business running smoothly even in the coldest months. Embrace the challenges, stay warm, and continue delivering top-notch detailing services to your clients.

Stay Warm,

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