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Winter-Proofing Your Mobile Detailing Franchise with Wings Mobile Detailing

❄ If you're considering becoming a franchise owner with Wings Mobile Detailing and have concerns about running your business in the cold north during the winter months, fear not! Winter doesn't have to mean a slowdown in business; in fact, it can be a lucrative opportunity. Here's how we prepare our franchise fleets to thrive in harsh climates and why mobile detailing is a great business even in the winter. ❄

A car getting a foam shampoo wash exterior clean with Wings Mobile Detailing
Wings Mobile Detailing - Exterior Detailing

❄️ The Winter Challenge

During the winter, vehicles in the north face a tough time. Road salt, extreme temperature fluctuations, paint cracks, and muddy boots leave cars in need of some serious TLC. This is where a mobile detailing franchise can shine.

🌨️ Tips for Operating in Harsh Climates

  1. Keep Your Van Warm: To prevent your materials from freezing up, equip your van with a Mr. Buddy heater and a propane tank. This ensures your detailing supplies are ready for action, even in the coldest conditions. We cover this setup more in depth inside our Wings Mobile Detailing Academy. (Exclusively for franchise owners.)

  2. Dress for Success: In freezing temperatures, staying warm is vital. Make sure your team has warm jackets, and don't forget to have them wear the Wings' vest on top to maintain a professional image.

  3. Winter-Specific Supplies: Be prepared with waterless wash products and towels suitable for washing in below-freezing temperatures. This ensures you can deliver top-notch service all year round.

  4. Warm Water at Hand: Invest in a water bucket heater, which is essential for maintaining warm water in your van. This makes the detailing process smoother and more efficient, even in winter.

  5. Interior Care: When detailing the interior, it's a good practice to ask customers to leave their car heaters on. This prevents interior detailing products from freezing on hard surfaces, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning.

A Wings Mobile Detailing car detailing van on the go
Wings Mobile Detailing Job Site Van

🎓 Franchise Benefits

As a Wings Mobile Detailing franchise owner, you're not alone in facing the winter challenge. We provide our franchisees with a specialized detailing course on winter preparation. This training equips you and your team with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle the unique demands of winter detailing.


Winter may pose unique challenges, but with the right preparations, your Wings Mobile Detailing franchise can be a thriving business year-round. Don't let the cold hold you back; instead, embrace the opportunity to keep vehicles looking their best, even in the harshest of winters.



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